Automate code formatting tasks with the pre-commit framework

Python code snippet.
Python code snippet.
Python code snippet photo by Chris Ried on Unsplash

At a fast-paced startup, where many commits are pushed frequently across various projects and multiple merge requests are created daily, reviewing them and maintaining code quality standards like code compliance with PEP8 all at the same time is a huge challenge.

Making peeps correct their code format or telling them to make changes to follow the pep8 standard is irritating for both.

Sometimes comments on merge requests may sound very nitpicky, like “can you please put two blank lines between two function definition?”, “can you please remove extra spaces?”, “can you please fix imports in place on top?”.

We can…

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For a startup, before scaling infrastructure either horizontally or vertically we need to make sure that current resources are being used properly, and there is no bottleneck in performance due to the application configuration. The primary aim of the engineering team is to ensure that minimal resources are used in the day to day running of any system designed and deployed.

We had faced a similar issue where our deployed system was being used to serve over a million users on a daily basis with spurts of users coming in a sporadic manner. …

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