• James Spurin

    James Spurin

    Founder & Technical Content Creator at DiveInto

  • kajal kumari

    kajal kumari

  • Sarthak Yadav

    Sarthak Yadav

    Research Engineer@Staqu. Sigmoid amongst ReLUs

  • Ramankit Singh

    Ramankit Singh

    Senior Software Engineer at Paytm | Android📱UI/UX 🪐 Open Source 🌐 Google certified Android Developer | Techincal Writer at Mindorks

  • Chetan Kakkireni

    Chetan Kakkireni

    Interested in Data Engineering.

  • Kaushik Samanta

    Kaushik Samanta

    Polyglot Developer — Working on multiple languages and frameworks. Experience in building scalable, maintainable and reliable codebases.

  • Doug Eisenstein

    Doug Eisenstein

    I see data and think oh, it’s a puzzle, please solve me! I’m an entrepreneur at the cross-section of data, finance, and technology.

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